About Us

Who We Are

 Hello from Erik and Dan! ๐Ÿ‘‹ Weโ€™re currently on a mission to share the powers of seaweed with the world by creating the best seaweed snacks money can buy. We started our journey traveling the world meeting with chefs, inventors, entrepreneurs, and fisherman to find where the tastiest, healthiest, and cleanest seaweed came from. Finally, we found a hidden jem on the Southwest coast of Korea โ€“ a protected bay with a co-op of aqua-farmers that have been producing seaweed for generations. We sparked a relationship with the aqua-farmers to bring you their one of a kind produce.

Why We Exist

Seaweed has been consumed by people around the world for thousands of years. Why not US? We think seaweed has so much to offer the world, so we're doing everything we can to share it with as many people as possible. These two beliefs keep us going:  

Seaweed makes the world a better place.

Seaweed feeds people, builds ecosystems, absorbs carbon, empowers the communities that grow it, and connects us to ancient wisdom. When done right, the world gets a little bit better with every new seaweed harvest โ€“ we work to maximize this effect.

Seaweed is the future.

Seaweed solves a lot of big problems in food, health, and the environment. We find those problems and create solutions in the form of food products with our passion for and expertise in seaweed.

Seaweed nourishes.

Seaweed is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals that provide a natural, healthy, and environmentally friendly source of nourishment. We seek to deliver that nourishment to our customers through products that are clean, trustworthy, accessible, and delicious.

Our Values

Our values inform everything we do. We think being transparent with our customers about why we do what we do is important.

be real

Speak real words and make real products โ€“ practice honesty and transparency in all of our actions, relationships, and products.

never cut corners

Stay true to our values even if it makes doing business harder or less profitable for us. We exists for our mission and values first.

do win-win business

Always do fair and transparent business โ€“ everyone must win along the entire supply chain. Do not exploit people.

take care of the planet

Our planet Earth is sacred. Minimize taking what canโ€™t be put back. Think of the environmental implications of actions 5, 10, 20, 100 years later. Innovate how doing business impacts the environment to maximize our positive effect.

stay creative

Unlock creative and technological potential with curiosity, passion, and optimism to run head-first into big problems. Be hungry for new ideas that can improve how we advance our mission with no fear of change.